The 6 Most Important Steps to Creating a Successful Blended Family


If I were to ask you right now.

What was the MOST Important Part of Creating your Blended Family?”

What Would your Answer be?

Most people don’t understand the truly important aspects of creating a blended family. Not only creating it but creating your blended family to be SUCCESSFUL and to be LASTING!


When you’re trying to create your Blended family in the right way…it helps to think about your blended family as if you were….building a house.

When you think about it like building a house what would you start with first? Most people would say…PLANNING.

Planning Ahead is a VERY important part of creating your blended family, but a lot of times we don’t learn this step until after we are already in the process of creating our blended families.

If this is the situation you and your blended family are in, don’t freak out! You can still incorporate planning into the rest of the creation process and for future situations.

After you have the plans ready, what would you move to next?

If you want your house(aka your blended family) to be successful, you would need to, Create… Establish ..and Lay a Strong and Sturdy Foundation!

There are several different parts to this process of Creating, Establishing, and Laying a Strong and Sturdy Foundation for your blended family.

I will show you the parts that are needed to start the process below:

  • First, you need to Mend your Marriage. You can start this part by Learning to Properly Communicate using Active Communication and then by Being a Better Listener. Once you have accomplished that, you can continue by Nurturing your Relationship and keeping it renewed and alive!
  • Secondly, you HAVE to Make your Marriage a #1 Priority! This part can literally make or break your entire relationship and further your entire blended family!
  • Then, you need to find a way to always Stand Together as a United Front! This is especially important when incorporated in the next step, and with dealing with outside family issues, ex-issues and so forth!
  • Next, both of you need to Establish Clear Roles and Boundaries in and out of your Marriage! This has to be a joint effort and when presented to the children and anyone else, you must Stand as that United Front and make these roles and boundaries crystal clear to everyone!

If you and your spouse work as a team and utilize these steps, the chances for your blended families success will be MUCH higher than by not doing them! 


In, The Stepmom Survival Guide, I cover each one of these important parts of creating your blended family. I take each step and break it down fully so that you understand how to accomplish each one successfully.

Additionally, in The Stepmom Survival Guide, I provide you with thought-provoking discussion questions after each lecture.

Plus, I include activities to get several of the parts rolling for you like in the Mending your Marriage part and the Establishing Clear Roles and Boundaries part, just to name a couple! If you would like to learn more about, The Stepmom Survival Guide, and what all it can offer YOU, click here. (**FLASH SALE GOING ON NOW, LEARN MORE BELOW!**)

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Now I want to HEAR from you!! What is one of the MOST IMPORTANT parts of creating the blended family that you’ve found? Let us know in the comments below! 

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