Stepmoms Your Invited-The Bonus Mom Club- A Private Stepmom Community!

The Bonus Mom Club- A Private Stepmom Community!

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What IS The Bonus Mom Club?? Is it a Private Facebook Group?

NOPE! This BRAND NEW private stepmom community is a COMPLETELY separate website forum locked to anyone not registered and APPROVED by me!!

What does all that to me, the stepmom?

Well, many of you have requested you wanted a PRIVATE, strictly Stepmom community where you can seek and give support and advice, resources as well ask questions and give answers within a judge-free, private space where you can feel comfortable speaking openly and honestly.

Well its HERE!!

I will be posting in the community with topics and questions/answers weekly. I will also have uploaded resources available for you all to view whenever you would like too!

You will have your chance to ask any related questions/comments/concerns as well! The community never closes so you will always have stepmom support! 

What all does this community include for me?

Some of the many benefits are listed below!

>>>Forum type discussion.

>>>Separate “more specific” groups with forums(no extra cost).

>>>Option to private message one another.

>>>Answer as many questions about your personal info that you want or don’t want to.

>>>Access to FREE Resources.

>>>Ability to upload images and attachments.

>>>See whose Online & who is not(if they have the option turned on)

>>>Connect, Engage, Give/Receive Support with other stepmoms just like you!

>>>Find universal stepmom resources.

>>>Chance to post questions for my scheduled Q&A’s.

(Eventually I will have an affiliate program set up for those of you wanting to promote the group and you will earn a % off every STEPMOM approved membership)

If you haven’t figured out yet this is also a paid membership community!


This is to help the community stay alive and up & running and covers the cost of maintaining the community! Anyone who enrolls in my course, Stepmommin’ 102: The New & Improved Ultimate Survival Guide for All Stepmoms, while its in the bundle deal has the option to receive a free month trial subscription.

What is the cost of The Bonus Mom Club Membership?

After a lot of consulting and researching what a lot of my own readers thought, I have decided on NO registration fee and the option between a monthly payment and a yearly payment.

If you choose yearly you will be saving $50 this is because you are committing to a year long membership, and if you want to stay longer than a year you will just need to re-enroll. I will let you know when it gets close to that time, so don’t worry!

The Monthly Price for Membership is $25.00/month

The Yearly Price for Membership is $250.00/year

Also, donations to the membership will be accepted anytime just send the payments to [email protected] via Paypal addressed as donation for The Bonus Mom Club.

If you own your stepmom blog and you have information, resources, courses, and/ or any other content or service you would like to a)donate b)offer exclusive discounts c) sponsor d)any other incentive for stepmoms in The Bonus Mom Club please use this form(here) to let me know! We would all deeply appreciate any help or support!

Please fill out this google form—->Google Form to join The Bonus Mom Club!! 

Thank you all and I can’t wait to chat with you in the community!!



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