The Top 10 Reasons to Work at Home

The Top 10 Reasons to Work at Home 

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While there are many, many reasons you may (or may NOT) want to work at home, today we’re going to cover 10 reasons you would like to work at home! 

    1. Flexible schedules– for moms this is a HUGE plus! Our babies need us and we need  (and want) to be there every time they do! 9-5 jobs don’t always make this possible…
    2. No Dress Code– I love this reason, I hate having to dress up (unless I want too)! Working in your PJs is awesome!!
    3. No Forced Socializing- another “ahh” reason. Don’t get me wrong, some days I am a social butterfly, other days….not so much!
    4. No “busy work” remember being in school and when you finish your work and waiting on the other to catch up, the teacher would give you “busy work” no thank you!
    5. No packed lunches- while sometimes if your out and about working you may pack your lunch, but when you’re at home working you can literally have a gourmet meal for lunch and nobody would know!
    6. More time with your Family-9-5 jobs or similar suck so much out of you. When and if you ever have time with the fam your usually so drained or irritated from work that you don’t enjoy it!
    7. Endless Breaks– when you work from home yes you usually do have deadlines but if your okay on time, we can take breaks whenever we want!
    8. No calling in sick- if your sick and you work from home, its no biggie. Do the work when you feel like it and you don’t have to hear your boss screaming at you
    9. No cubicles or crowded desks space– when you work from home you can work from the bed, the couch, outside swing, pool…you get it!
    10. No canceled vacations due to work– with working at home if you want a vacation, GO. You can take the work with you and do it as you like!

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What are YOUR favorite reason(s) for wanting to work at home?

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