Quick Guide on How to Rock Holiday Traveling with Multiple Aged Kids


traveling as a blended family

How to Travel on the Holidays (or anytime) as a Blended Family with Multiple Age (Small) Children

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Traveling with your kids for the holidays? We are and before I had it all planned out the thought of it literally scared me to death! My oldest is 7, middle 6, and the baby is 2.5.

The older two have been on short road trips maximum time to be 1-2 hours, the baby has not. This trip, however, is a whopping 8 hours!!

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8 hours in a car with the three of them so what do I plan on doing?

Check out the list of traveling as a blended family with multiple aged kids below!

Making life’s adventures fun and safe
1. Pack snacks and drinks in a big cooler in the back and have enough for each in my much smaller very accessible cooler tote up front with me. I can refill at rest stops and when we stop for actual meals.

  1. Innotab- yes it’s electronic but it’s learning games that all three can play.

  2. The older two have clipboards that open up, so I have a paper in each and also colored pencils. I have crayons too in a small container for if the pencils break. (No markers)

  3. They all have their small roll-up “nap mats” as we call them it has a kid-size blanket and pillow attached to it naps in the car

  4. For the older two, I’ve made the road trip journals to fill out and they opted to bring the mini camera that prints out pics instantly mini pix for all our road trip memories

  5. And of course, I have tons of wipes, hand wipes, and napkins.

  6. I have considered bringing the potty training potty also, my 2.5 is not completely trained and it’ll be a whole lot easier than trying to stop every time!

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So what do you momma’s bring when road-tripping with the fam-jam? Share your ideas and suggestions with me below!!




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