Ultimate Guide to Creating a Healthy & Lasting Relationship with Your Bonus Kids Bio Mom



FINALLY! A Realistic Guide to Putting an END to Bio Mom Drama!

Finally put an END to Bio Mom Drama

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Creating a healthy and lasting relationship with the Bio Mom is SO important!!

If you are having trouble with this situation or want advice on how to handle anything to do with the Bio Mom, please see my new course where I show you EXACTLY how to put an END to Bio Mom Drama!


Try to ALWAYS find the positive in every situation, no matter how small it may seem to be!!!

Let me start by wishing you the absolute best of luck with your situation! This issue is tough but as long as both of you (Stepmom and Bio Mom) are acting maturely, the hardest obstacle is overcoming your own pride and ego.


If you are finding yourself having a hard time with letting your pride go (a lot of us do, so don’t feel bad!) I urge you to Let Go and Let God”.


Don’t get me wrong, I am not naive and I know not everyone believes the same(or in the same things) and that’s why I didn’t harp on that topic in the main section.


I do need to disclaim that my happy, blended family that exist today, would NOT EXIST, at all, without the Lord’s Love, Grace, and Direction.


It wouldn’t exist without A LOT of Prayers!!

Along with acting maturely, letting go of your pride and ego, and praying..you must use proper communication!!

If you’re having trouble being able to communicate PROPERLY, I highly recommend that you enroll in Imperfect Family’s course on communication in ANY relationship!

Nicole, the instructor of this course, really goes in depth on understanding the importance of communication as well as the proper use of communication. 

This course goes through all the steps you need to overcome every aspect of any communication issues! You can see all the details and enroll in the course HERE.


The last factor we are going to cover on the topic of ending drama with the Bio Mom is simple and only one word…RESPECT.


I both you and the Bio Mom really want to make this work you both must show one another RESPECT! The same with your husband, your kids, your mom and so forth!

The bottom is if you want any relationship with anyone, to be successful…you have to show RESPECT for them! Forget the saying, you need to show respect to gain respect, in this situation. You NEED this relationship to work..even if the other one of you isn’t showing respect at first, always be the bigger person.

One saying that always reigns true is…kill them with kindness..and it can be used very strategically in this situation! I explain exactly how to do this in my course, Finally! A Realistic Guide to Putting an END to Drama with the Bio Mom.


Now, I want to hear from YOU!

Do you have advice or lessons learned for Stepmoms on trying to create a coparenting relationship with the Bio Mom? I would love to hear from you!! 

Are you the Bio Mom who has recently met the new or future Stepmom? How did it go? Do you have any suggestions for either the Stepmoms or Bio Mom readers, if so, leave them in the comment section below!


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