Understanding the True Meaning & Importance of Communication in any Relationship

Understanding the True Meaning of Communication & the Importance of it in Any Relationship!

Note: I am an AfFIliate for Imperfect Families Ecourse on Communicating which means AT NO COST to yoU, if you sign up for this course through my page, I will be paid a commission fee. So thanks so much for that. Even though I am an afFIliate, I don’t promote anything I don’t believe in personally, this is one the best courses on communication out there today.! Take my word on it!


Is your relationship struggling? I can’t lie and say my own doesn’t hit those certain patches of rough times, especially when one of us forget the Importance and true meaning of communication. 

If your not properly communicating anything you say or do can end explosively, no matter how innocent it was intended to be. 

This can leave you feeling confused and rather hopeless, or at least it did for me. Both my husband and I have to constantly reapproach the concept of communication. Constantly taking advantages of new resources and advice that comes available. Without these, I’m not sure where we would be.

Let me make it clear that I am not only talking about the communication in our relationship either, this is meant for our marriage, our roles as parents, as children to our own parents, as brothers & sisters etc.

I talked a little about this in my post, Do You and Your Spouse Have Communication Problems,

But I never told you how we got the amazing resources that saved our drowning relationship marriage wise and as parents. Today, I’m going to let you in on our little secret.

I had been actively searching for an answer to our communication, or lack thereof, problems. I came across this lovely woman named,  Nichole Swartz and her amazing life changing Ecourse on Communication!

I didn’t realize at first at the high demand rate this course was going for. She only opens the availability for this course once or twice a year because the enrollment fills up so fast and she constantly having people ask to be put on a waiting list!

Lucky for you! I have the link to get you on the list and enrolled today!

Ready to take the leap and purchase your enrollment today or still need to know more? Keep reading

You’re tired of the backtalk.

The constant arguing.

The whining.

You wish you had options besides yelling, bribing, and giving in to their demands!


Communication for Imperfect Families” E-Course

Helping you create an atmosphere of love and respect in your home.

  • Break the yelling cycle! Get your kids to listen without raising your voice.
  • Lose the panic button. Set boundaries with cool, calm confidence, even if your kids disagree or have a tantrum.
  • Stop the drama. Listen well so you can get to the root of the problem and avoid an argument!
  • Make it personal. Gain skills and strategies to respond without a script — using your own words and doing it your own way

Are you are ready to…

  • Create a plan to interact in a calm, respectful way (even if that seems impossible right now).
  • Learn strategies once and tweak them as your child grows. (The tips are applicable to kids from toddler to teen.)
  • Make a lifestyle change. Each lesson builds on the previous one, taking you step-by-step in a new (and positive!) direction.

You don’t have to do this alone.

  • Live online support is available during the first 7 weeks of the course. Ask questions, get clarification, or celebrate successes!
  • One-on-one parent coaching sessions are available at a discount for course participants.

Ready to dive in and take this leap in your life! Ready to transform your future? 

Still not completely convinced? Click here to get even more information made available to you!



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