How to Use This Holiday Season to Teach Your Kids Gratitude

How to Use This Holiday Season to Teach Your Kids Gratitude


Having gratitude and being humble are qualities that are hard to find these days! As a Christian momma I want my kids to know what it means to be truly grateful and humble and I want to instill in them a heart of giving! This Holiday Season if you don’t already, why not try one or two (or all) of these ways to teach yourself or your child to have a giving and helpful heart and to learn about gratitude, and humbleness.

  1. Volunteer at your local food bank and if they aren’t taking volunteers bring some items they always need and donate them!

  2. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen-some do let children help and some do not make sure you check your local soup kitchens requirements

  3. Donate your gently used clothing, toys, or any other item your family no longer needs to goodwill or find a different location that helps people in need

  4. Volunteer and/or donate to your local shelters

  5. Sponsor a child for Christmas- where you are given a child’s name that’s in need and purchase their Christmas presents for them usually anonymously

  6. Visit patients at a hospital and bring them small Christmas gifts-handmade or baked goods are best

  7. #6 can also be done at nursing homes-the elderly adore this!

While these are just a very few items on the list, this is a great start! To make it better most of the things mentioned can be completed year round!

My advice is if you want your kids to have a servants heart and display these qualities, the best way to teach them is to show them!

So find a local chapter that you and your kids can enjoy, and start volunteering with them! It will help you bond in new ways and you’ll all leave with a full heart and a feeling of joy!

I would Love to hear your comments after doing any of these or your stories from the past!!



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