VERISA Seat Belt Pillow.. The Almost Perfect Kid Product!

You know those products your order and when you first recieve them, your ecstatic and in love with it? Only to notice shortly after it wasn’t perfect after-all….

While this VERISA product is pretty close to perfect, it’s intention is to be used by kids, and you’ll see why I’m skeptical about that issue! 

Read my product review on the VERISA Seat Belt Pillow for Kids Below!!

VERISA Seat Belt Pillow, almost perfect product.

This Seat Belt Pillow by VERISA, has a fabric covered pillow that I swear feels like the ‘Memory foam‘ pillows! This item feels like a luxury item, especiallly seeing as its supposed to be for kids! I kind of want one for myself (my kids will never let me have it back), after feeling of it.

Perfectly sized for both, my tall and short, children. Some of the other brands of seat belt pillow will only latch so far up (or down) a seat belt  Not VERISA, theirs seat belt cover can be completly adjusted!B

I purchased a Gray color, won’t show dirt as bad as light colors. I love this color, but I do recall seeing more “child- friendly” colors available! They defiantly had pink and blue!

The VERISA Seat Belt Pillow has a “Suade”-feeling fabric on outside and while it does have a removable cover for washing, I am afraid it will not stay pretty and soft long!

This material feels like the type if anything gets on the fabric it would become stiff and hard. With my three MESSY MESSY MESSY kids, it probably won’t even stand a chance.

The pillows extremely lightweight which is a HUGE plus but defiantly unexpected. Most are bulky and trying to use them is plain awkward. After a while with other names brands it’s such a weight on your neck, most of the time my kids would just throw it down. 

This VERISA Seat Belt Pillow is cheaper than all the competitors,  which sometimes would make you run away. Not this item! Tjis seat belt pillow is Awesomely Affordable, and Super fast shipping! (Almost like lightening speed) 

As I stated earlier the only negative and complaint I could even have on this product is the outside fabric and that is only because of my messy kid issues! If this product was for me specifically, the fabric would be no problem. I love the softness and the look the fabric gives. It could be a little more kid-friendly though! 

OVERALL, I am still awarding VERISA  Seat Belt Pillow with a 5 star rating. The only complaint I could have about it is not an actual problem,if your kids are well mannered and not clumsy in the car. 

I had the smoothest transaction as well. I would highly recommend this product and it’s sellers!

Good Job Guys and Thanks for my VERISA Seat Belt Pillow Purchase and for making my transaction smooth and carefree! 

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