Want to Learn the Secret to a Successfull Budget-Savvy Dream Wedding??

Are you Trying to Plan your Wedding or Newly Engaged?

Would you like Budget Savvy Tips and Solutions to have you Dream Perfect Day without selling your soul to get it?

I know many women who get engaged and start the planning the process only to get overwhelmed and through in the towel! I don’t want this happening to any of you and neither does Author, Jessica Bishop!

In her new ebook, The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer, Jessica has done so much more than just helping you plan your wedding! 

This ebook literally covers every single detail you could possibly run into while planning your perfect day! Filled with 13 chapters, worksheets, note pages, and checklist, this is truly a complete guide to wedding planning!

Savvy tip pages with Discussion questions, Ways to Save, and inspiration worksheets for every chapter(chapters being the key topics of the wedding) in the ebook! Various timeline schedules, questions to ask while comparing options such as the venue, officiate, photographer and more! These are just to name a few items included in this amazing and quite frankly BRILLIANT package! 

Also included in the ebook are budget charts and real-life examples from several different couples wedding budgets! 

There were several specific items that made me love this ebook and really sets it apart from others I’ve previously come across and I’ll give you a quick rundown of them next!

First, this ebook is filled with absolutely astonishing photos that separate each chapter from another! The images really add the perfect touch to the book! See an example below!

Included in the chapter on choosing your dress, Jessica actually includes every aspect of a dress that you will need to pick the Perfect one! She goes as far as providing these images for you to help pick the right option for every part. 


Isn’t that awesome! I told you this ebook covers EVERYTHING!

Next, Jessica has included the awesome and cool little side tabs, so when you print your ebook and worksheets, there is no need to buy folder tabs! I thought this was so neat and useful! 

Also, something included on many of the topics that I thought was unique and helpful, is how she has included tips, resources, and things to think about before deciding on pursuing the option of using DIY to produce your items for your big day! 

Examples of some of the budget-help graphs she has included!

The last thing I saw that I believe is really cool are the details and resources she has included pertaining to the idea of creating a wedding website alongside your actual wedding planning. Personally, I have never even heard of this (even though I’m sure it’s quite popular now) but I think it’s a really neat way to keep your guests informed and create a beautiful visual illustration for you to have of your perfect day!! 

The Savvy Tips and Questions Jessica has included for every topic!

Jessica Bishop and her ebook The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner and Organizer is truly the go-to resource for anyone planning or thinking about planning their Dream Wedding! Feeling overwhelmed throughout the wedding planning process is a feeling that alot of ladies dread when starting out. This ebook takes the stress away and provides a fill in the blank template to create your vision! 

Do you want money saving tips, worksheets for every detail of your wedding, rewritten questions to ask before making decisions, and a place to document the final touches? Do you want tons of resources to keep you on budget and find new ways to cut costs tremendously? 

You can ALL this and TONS more in The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer ebook!! 

Get your Copy today and start planning the wedding you always dreamed of! 

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Note: This is unpaid sponsored post. I was compensated via a free download of the ebook to give my honest and true opinion. All  the reviews are my complete and honest opinion and my review was not influenced by anything or anyone. Read my full disclosure here.
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